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Endodontic treatment for a beautiful smile

A large number of causes can be the reason for smile aesthetics and one of them is the endodontic treatment of the teeth. The endodontic treatment of a tooth is very important.

When there is pulpitis due to the fact that the caries has not been well treated, the process affects the nerve of the tooth and turns into pulpitis. This process is characterized by inflammation that is located in the root system of the teeth and is often accompanied by an irresistible dental pain that throws the patient.

When there is periodontitis. A granuloma forms around the tooth, so the risk of inflammation is around the surrounding bone. The reasons for their appearance are various. As when serious pulpitis appeared for no reason.

When there are traumas. It is possible that a bundle of nerves of the tooth are intercepted and this causes a necrotic tooth. Often this process takes place without any symptoms appearing and the patients do not realize that the serious problem has arisen until the complications have appeared.

When the patient suffers from bruxism. Indeed, this is the result of chewing muscles. As we observe a very strong friction of the teeth or a grinding. As a result of the chronic trauma to which the teeth are subjected it is possible that the tooth is also necrotic.

Dental trauma

There are many types of possible dental trauma. They can present themselves in the form of a natural crown fracture, a dental dislocation, up to a dental avulsion (that is to say a complete exit of the tooth from the mouth). In the majority of dental trauma, the clinical intervention must be rapid in order to be able to save the tooth. Therapeutic intervention may require tooth stabilization, dental restoration/dressing, or focused root canal therapy for immature permanent teeth.

Teeth whitening and endodontics

Discoloration of an anterior tooth is a cosmetic problem that requires additional procedures to achieve a satisfactory aesthetic result. Although crowns or veneers can be placed to remedy the problem, often the discoloration can be treated with internal whitening.

Internal bleaching involves the application of a bleaching product in the small dental access made during root canal therapy. The medication is placed inside the tooth and covered with a temporary restoration for a week. In most cases, a single application may be sufficient to achieve the desired whiteness. Cases of severe discoloration often require multiple applications.

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