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Implants are part of the most expensive dental care and the least well covered by Social Security.

Sourire Dentaire allows you to benefit from savings of up to 70% in our partner dental clinics, without compromising on the quality of the materials and the skills of the practitioners.

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Careful selection of 3 dental clinics of excellence

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How much does a dental implant cost on average in France?

In France, the prices of dental implants are freely set by practitioners. Although the dental surgeon is required to set his fees “with tact and moderation”, the price of a dental implant is often very high. It is also the most expensive and least reimbursed dental care procedure.

It is estimated that the average prices charged in France are around €2,000 for the placement of a complete implant (implant + abutment + ceramic crown).

The price of a dental implant is determined by several factors:

The dental implant brand

The chosen material

The procedure used

The experience and reputation of the surgeon

The level of service of the dental clinic

The location of the clinic

For lack of means, more than 1 in 5 patients give up seeking treatment in France when the placement of several dental implants is to be considered. To carry out their care, more and more patients are going abroad, the price being relatively cheaper compared to France.

Comparison of the price of a dental implant in France, Bulgaria and Moldova

Dental implant price
(with healing screw)
1 100 €450 €350 €
Prosthetic abutment price250 €150 €100 €
Dental crown price
650 €200 €150 €
TOTAL2000 €800 €600

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Comparison of the price of a dental prosthesis in France, Bulgaria and Moldova

France pricePrices BulgariaMoldova prices
Ceramic stabilized prosthesis on 4 implants8 000 €4000 €3500
Ceramic stabilized prosthesis on 6 implants14 000 €4500 €4000
Ceramic stabilized prosthesis on basal implant (8-10)40 000 € – 60 000 €7000 €/
Ceramic stabilized prosthesis on Zygomatic implant (4)15 000 €/5500 €

How much does a dental implant cost in Eastern Europe?

Due to the lower cost of living, lower salary costs, lower social charges and cheaper rents, the prices of dental implants in Bulgaria and Moldova are on average 60% to 70% cheaper than in France. The price of a dental implant with crown in Eastern Europe is 600 – 800 €, compared to an average of 2000 € in France.

Only 2-3 hours flight from Paris, Sofia and Chisinau have been, for several years now, important European countries for dental tourism and number 1 in basal implantation. Thousands of French people travel to Eastern Europe every year for their dental care, looking for better quality care, shorter waiting times or the same procedure at a more affordable price.

Tarifs implant dentaire bulgarie
Palace of Culture in Sofia – Bulgaria
Cathedral in Sofia – Bulgaria
Chisinau – Moldova
Tarifs implant dentaire Moldavie
Cathedral in Chisinau – Moldova

Our partner dentists:

  • are specialized and experienced in classical and basal implantology (minimum 15 years of experience and more than 5,000 implants placed),
  • use world famous and recognized brands of dental implants (Straumann, Ankylos, Idhe dental)
  • are graduates of major European and American universities, and our medical teams are multilingual.

Dental implant prices for a full jawbone

In case of edentulism, several solutions can be proposed to replace the missing teeth of a complete jaw including fixed prostheses on implants:

In France, these treatments cost between €30,000 and €60,000 depending on the patient’s case, the number of implants and the materials used and the technique used (classical with or without bone graft – classic basal – zygomatic)

Depending on the technique used and thanks to the preferential rates and conditions of Sourire Dentaire, you can save up to 70% on your fixed prosthesis on implants by going to a partner clinic.

What is the reimbursement for a dental implant?

Does Social Security reimburse dental implants?

Dental implants are considered “outside the nomenclature” procedures and are therefore not reimbursed by Social Security, whether they are placed in France or abroad.

Only the crown that will be attached to the implant will be covered, up to 70% of the Social Security agreement rate, currently set at €107.50. However, this coverage should evolve in the coming years thanks to the gradual implementation of the “100% health” reform aimed at fully reimbursing certain dental prostheses.

Mutual insurance reimbursement for a dental implant

More and more mutuals reimburse dental implants. Most of them offer a fixed annual fee, but some also express reimbursement as a percentage of reimbursement compared to the Social Security agreement rate. Finally, it also happens that mutuals offer reimbursements in the form of a percentage + annual flat rate.

Here is a reimbursement simulation for a dental implant with a ceramic crown, with a health insurance offering an annual flat rate of €600 per implant:

By choosing to be treated abroad, you can save up to 60 – 70% thanks to the preferential rates and conditions of Sourire Dentaire.

Price implant + abutment +
ceramic crown
2 000 €800 €600 €
Social Security
75,25 €75,25 €75,25 €
Private refund600 €600 €600 €
Remains to be paid1 324.75 €124,75 0

Quote for a dental implant abroad

Services included in the quote for an implant

So that you have no surprises, Dental Smile provides you with a complete quote including:

  • Support services: connection with the dental clinic, organization of the stay (reservation of accommodation and plane tickets in particular), provision of the file for your reimbursement request, personalized follow-up.
  • The pre-implant diagnosis of our partner specialists in implantology.
  • The placement of dental implants from major brands (Straumann, Ankylos, Idhe dental) and high quality dental prostheses.

In summary, the prices of dental implants with Sourire Dentaire are:

🏷️Savings noted: 40% to 70%
🦷Clinics specializing in implantology: 3
🎯Success rate: 98%
🔄Lifespan: Lifetime!