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Dental implants prices

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What is the average cost of dental implants in France?

In France, dentists are free to set the prices for dental implants. Dentists must set their fees “with caution and moderation”, but the price of dental implants is often very high. It is also the most expensive and least reimbursed dental care procedure.

The average asking price in France for the placement of full mouth dental implants cost (implant + abutment + ceramic crown) is estimated at around 2,000 euros.

Prix des implants dentaires en France

The price of dental implants is determined by several factors.

Implant brand

Material of choice

Procedure used

Experience and reputation of the surgeon

Dental clinic service level

Clinic location

On the reimbursement side, only crowns are covered by Social Security up to €75.25. Without good dental insurance, the patient ends up with around €1,700.

Did you know ?

One in four French people cannot afford treatment in France. And when it comes to dental implants, the remaining unreimbursed costs in France are very high. For this reason, more and more French patients are crossing borders to take advantage of lower prices and significant savings.

Comparison of the price of a dental implant in France VS abroad

For informational purposes only, this table presents the full mouth dental implants cost in partner dental clinics in France and Bulgaria and Moldova.

Dental implant price
(with healing screw)
1 100 €450 €350 €
Prosthetic abutment price250 €150 €100 €
Dental crown price
650 €200 €150 €
TOTAL2000 €800 €600

Cost of a dental implant in Bulgaria

Due to the low cost of living, salaries and social charges, the prices of dental implants in Bulgaria are on average 50% cheaper than in France. The price of a dental implant in Sofia, Bulgaria is €800 compared to an average of €2,000 in France.

Only 2h30 by plane from Paris, Sofia is considered the dental capital due to the largest number of dental clinics in Europe. Indeed, thousands of French people go there for treatment, seeking better quality treatment, shorter waiting times, or the same procedure at a lower cost.

Price of dental implant in Sofia – Bulgaria = 800€

Cost of a dental implant in Moldova

Offering more affordable prices with a level of quality of care similar to that of France when you know where to go, Moldova is a popular destination for dental care.

A full mouth dental implants cost (implant + abutment + ceramic crown) costs €600 in Moldova, compared to around €2,000 in France. Thanks to the favorable socio-economic situation and a fair pricing policy within Sourire Dentaire’s partner clinics in Sofia and Chisinau, you can save up to 50-60% on your dental implant while enjoying quality care. equivalent to that of France.

Discover our testimonials in our clinics in Bulgaria and Moldova:

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Cheap dental implants:

Is this a good alternative? To reduce costs, it is possible to place cheap dental implants abroad. In Europe, Eastern Europe is preferred due to the quality of care provided and significant cost savings. You can save 2-3 times on your dental bills.

Another big advantage, the dental care performed in the countries of the European Union is reimbursed by social security, as in France. Like mutual insurance companies, it can also pay for certain dental care carried out abroad. To do this, it is recommended that you contact your insurance company before you travel abroad for treatment.

Cost of a dental implant to replace multiple teeth

Whether you are missing a few teeth or all of your teeth, there are several solutions with dental implants that can be offered to you to get your teeth back.

For example, if you are missing 3 teeth, placing a 3-unit dental bridge on 2 implants may be a suitable solution. If you need to place implants to redo a full jaw, then a 4, 6, 8 or 10 implant solution combined with a 12-14 tooth bridge will be recommended.

Discover below the prices of solutions on dental implants to replace several teeth.

France pricePrices BulgariaMoldova prices
Ceramic stabilized prosthesis on 4 implants8 000 €4000 €3500
Ceramic stabilized prosthesis on 6 implants14 000 €4500 €4000
Ceramic stabilized prosthesis on basal implant (8-10)40 000 € – 60 000 €7000 €/
Ceramic stabilized prosthesis on Zygomatic implant (4)15 000 €/5500 €

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prix implant dentaire complet

Dental implant: what reimbursement?

Does social security reimburse dental implants?

Did you know that the placement of dental implants is one of the most expensive dental treatments, 80% of patients give it up because of the price and the rest to be paid too high.

To feel comfortable with this solution, it is important to know the possible reimbursements from Social Security.

Dental implants are considered to be “outside nomenclature” practices and are therefore not reimbursed by Social Security. Unlike dental implants, crowns placed on implants are reimbursed up to 70% of the agreed Social Security rate currently set at €107.50.

As you know, the placement of dental implants is your responsibility. However, you can reduce your remaining charges by choosing a mutual insurance company that offers reimbursement for dental implants.

Price implant + abutment +
ceramic crown
2 000 €800 €600 €
Social Security
75,25 €75,25 €75,25 €
Private reimbursement600 €600 €600 €
Remains to pay1 324.75 €124,75 0

Did you know ?

To make your care experience unique, a Sourire Dentaire adviser accompanies and guides you throughout your journey in order to optimize reimbursements for you.

With more than 3,500 patients supported for 10 years, Sourire Dentaire advisers have expertise in the reimbursement of dental care abroad, which will allow you to fully understand how it works.

To estimate your reimbursement, your adviser will establish an estimate with a valid Social Security estimate, he can also advise you on choosing the right insurance company, taking charge of or modifying your mutual insurance contract.

Dental implant abroad: your quote

Quotes are the best way to find out about the different care solutions offered by our partner clinics and to assess the cost of dental care. When you request Sourire Dentaire services, you will receive one or more detailed and free dental quotes, with full mouth dental implants cost, allowing you to compare different solutions and make the best decision for your health.

How do I get a dental quote?

After receiving your panoramic dental X-ray, the dental surgeons of our partner clinics will draw up an estimate including a detailed treatment plan. Your advisor will contact you and explain to you in complete transparency the dental care provided and the related costs. The average time to receive one or more quotes from one of our partner clinics is 48 hours (from the sending of your dental panoramic X-ray).

What is the information on the dental quote?

Your dental quote will be written in French and will include all the information necessary for a good understanding of the treatment. Nothing is hidden, everything is transparent!
The treatments are described step by step, the brands of materials are indicated, the prices are detailed and transparent and all guarantees and payment conditions are explained.

Did you know ?

By choosing to have a dental implant placed abroad, you will have to add transport and accommodation costs to the cost of dental treatment. On average, we find that you have to add about 10% to your dental estimate.

Always to make your care experience unique and accessible, we offer you partner accommodation located near clinics at preferential rates, allowing you to reduce your living costs.

Costs of dental implants: the most asked questions

What is the cost of a dental implant for a molar?

The price of dental implants is the same, regardless of the missing tooth it replaces.
To replace an incisor, it is therefore necessary to count around 2000 € in France and 800 € in Bulgaria and 600 € in Moldova with a ceramic crown.
However, this price may vary depending on the material of the crown.

What is the cost of a bone graft for dental implant?

In France, bone grafting is considered an act outside the nomenclature, which means that dental surgeons are free to set their own prices. Depending on the technique used and the location of the graft, there are prices ranging from €1,000 to €2,000.
In our dental clinics in Bulgaria and Moldova, we try to avoid bone grafting hence the different types of implantations.

Is a dental implant under warranty?

Thanks to the experience of our medical teams, the success rate of dental implants in our partner clinics is over 99%.

But the success of such a treatment also depends on the collaboration of the patient, particularly in terms of oral hygiene and we cannot control that our patients follow the advice given by the dental surgeon to the letter following intervention.

In the event of a problem following the placement of an implant, and in particular during a possible post-operative complication or in the event of the rejection of an implant, guarantees covering the removal and refitting of a new implant can therefore be invoked.

How long does an implant last

Implants are designed to last more than 25 years, or even a lifetime. They don’t decay like real teeth. They degrade very little over time. By maintaining good oral hygiene habits and taking extra care of the health of your gums, there’s no reason they shouldn’t last.

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