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    Dental implant in Turkey: Fast, but at what cost?

    More and more people are attracted by cheap dental implant offers in Turkey. In this article, we will look at the potential dangers that patients might face when choosing to have dental implants in Turkey. It is important to understand the risks and considerations before making a decision that can have lasting consequences for oral health.

    Quality of care and regulations:

    The quality of dental care can vary greatly from clinic to clinic in Turkey. Although there are reputable dental clinics offering quality care, there are also less reliable establishments that do not meet safety and hygiene standards. Dental regulations may differ from country to country, and it is important to thoroughly research the regulations in Turkey.

    Knowing that Turkey is not in Europe, there is no European ISO quality as we can find in our clinics.

    Dental implant in Turkey
    It’s ridiculous! Beware if you ever receive a diagnosis for implants on a simple x-ray!

    Competence of dentists:

    The skill and experience of dentists in Turkey can be a factor of concern. Although there are competent and qualified dentists, it is also possible to encounter less experienced or poorly trained practitioners. Entrusting your oral health to an inexperienced professional can lead to complications and unsatisfactory results.

    The dentist is also part of obtaining a quality system capable of offering his patients internationally recognized sanitary and technological conditions. While obtaining a quality system is not in itself a legal obligation, neither for doctors nor for dentists, its importance is reflected first of all in patient satisfaction and in the reputation of the practice, which is not the case in Turkey.

    Substandard materials and equipment:

    Some dental clinics in Turkey may use inferior materials to reduce costs. This can impact the durability and reliability of dental implants. Similarly, the use of outdated or poorly maintained equipment can increase the risk of infections and postoperative complications.

    Follow-up and postoperative complications:

    Another aspect to take into account is the postoperative follow-up and the management of possible complications. If you choose to have a dental implant in Turkey, it can be difficult to get proper follow-up once you return to your home country. Complications that arise after the procedure may require immediate attention, and lack of proper follow-up can worsen oral health issues.

    Dental implant in Turkey
    Dental implant in Turkey

    Language barrier and communication:

    The language barrier can be a challenge when it comes to getting dental implants in Turkey. Clear and precise communication with the dentist is essential to understand the treatment process, post-operative care and the instructions to follow. Misunderstandings can lead to undesirable results and complications.

    Choosing to have dental implants in Turkey can present potential dangers for patients. It is important to take into account the quality of care, the competence of the dentists, the materials used and the postoperative follow-up before making a decision. Short-term financial savings can translate into long-term oral health issues. Before choosing a clinic in Turkey, do thorough research, consult with trusted professionals, and assess all aspects related to your safety and well-being. Your oral health is precious, and it is essential to make informed decisions to achieve the best possible results.

    Why choose Dental Smile?

    The quality of our dental clinics guarantees European ISO standards. These standards are based on the principles of quality management, in particular a strong patient orientation, the motivation and commitment of management, the process approach and continuous improvement.

    We selected clinics based on ISO criteria:

    • The level of quality of care
    • The quality improvement dynamic
    • Impeccable hygiene
    • State-of-the-art equipment
    • A friendly environment
    • A competent and French-speaking team

    The medical ISO standards that you will find in our clinics in Hungary are as follows:

    • 11.040.01: Medical equipment in general
    • 11.040.10: Anesthesia, resuscitation and respiratory equipment
    • 11.040.20: Transfusion, infusion and injection equipment
    • 11.040.25: Syringes, needles and catheters
    • 11.040.30: Surgical instruments and materials
    • 11.040.40: Surgical implants, prostheses and orthoses
    • 11.040.50: X-ray devices
    • 11.040.55: Diagnostic Equipment

    If you have any questions or would like a quote, do not hesitate to contact us!