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    DENTAL IMPLANTS: How to avoid being scammed?

    It is possible to easily determine if a dental clinic is motivated by greed rather than your well-being.

    Let’s be honest! Many dental clinics put their financial interests before your health. This is also the last official warning from the British government regarding medical tourism in Turkey after 22 confirmed deaths. However, this is not limited to Turkey, it can happen everywhere, so it is important to be vigilant!

    The greatest risk for you is to receive implants without any real medical need or justification for your case. Health risks include implant rejection, infections, damage to teeth or surrounding nerves, sinus problems, and gum recession. These problems can lead to financial loss, complications and deprive you of the possibility of getting implants. So how do you spot a scam early on? It’s simple !

    I – Any promise of an implant treatment based on a panoramic x-ray rather than a 3D CBCT scan is a scam!

    There is a simple rule in dental implantology – NO BONE – NO IMPLANT! In fact, this is the reality in 50% of patient cases. And the x-ray is next to NOTHING to prove if there’s enough bone. There is a clear position statement from the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (AAOMR) “that CBCT is the imaging method of choice for obtaining evaluation of all dental implant sites”.

    So, in short, any clinic that offers/promises you an implant treatment based on a simple x-ray will most likely not follow the correct protocol and you will end up losing your money but more importantly health problems will follow shortly.

    II – If you will receive an offer with “bone graft” in advance without a CBCT scan…

    This is usually used as an “extra” bonus for clinics to compensate them for the low price they offer you upfront.
    Bone grafting is the procedure of adding bone where it is missing. Bone grafting is a standard surgical procedure and although its success is generally high, there is no guarantee that it will eventually work. It takes 6 to 12 months before knowing the result. The cost of the procedure usually varies depending on the amount used. As it is difficult to control the manipulation itself, it will be necessary to trust the surgeon on this point.
    Remember from the point above that the 3D scan is the one and only test that gives 100% clarity on the thickness and density of your jawbone – only with a 3D scan can the surgeon make an objective decision where exactly and what type of implant to place, everything else spins in the dark.

    III – If you are offered the same solution as the one offered to everyone…

    It is essential to understand that each case is unique, which requires personalized treatment tailored to each patient. This is why it is not ideal to rely solely on the sales representatives of a clinic, because they will only offer the options available in their offer and limited to the skills of the surgeon.

    Take for example the case of a clinic with a surgeon specialized in the All-on-4 technique (fixed prosthesis on 4 implants). In this case, they will only offer this solution, even if the patient does not have enough bone for a classic implantation and requires an intervention based on basal or zygomatic techniques. Similarly, the reverse can also be true.

    It is therefore crucial to consult qualified and experienced professionals in the field of dental implantology, such as specialized agencies like ours, with surgeons specialized in each field of implantation, in order to benefit from an accurate evaluation of your situation and get recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

    If you have any questions or would like a quote, do not hesitate to contact us!