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implant basal

Immediate loading immediately secures temporary teeth to your dental implants. These temporary teeth will allow the patient to continue to live normally while their dental implants heal.

What is immediate loading?

First, this technique is also called “1-step dental treatment” and has significant advantages for both the patient and the practitioner. Indeed, in a single intervention, the dental implants are put in place. The temporary teeth will be replaced by permanent crowns or bridges after the healing period (3 to 6 months later). During this period you must have a soft diet.

The benefits of immediate implant loading?

– Fixed teeth pending healing (no removable plastic bridge)
– Patient comfort
– Esthetic results

Expertise of our dental surgeons

The choice of the basal implant technique

Indeed, the basal implants are placed immediately after the extractions of all the teeth. In addition, the dental bridge (prosthesis) is also fixed immediately (a few days after the implants). Therefore, this process is called immediate loading.

High quality dental implant

To ensure maximum success we use IHDE DENTAL implants which also carry the BIOMED name and SIMPLADENT (distributor) which is simply the best brand of basal dental implant.

Prosthetic laboratory integrated into the clinic

The presence of the prosthesis laboratory within the clinic allows our dental technicians to make temporary bridges and crowns in just 24 hours. This is made possible thanks to our modern technical platform, equipped with the most advanced technologies in dental implantology, such as CAD-CAM.


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