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Top 3 of the main dental tourism destinations in Europe?

Dental tourism is the movement of a patient to another country to receive dental treatment.

Dental tourism is developing especially in Europe, insofar as 95% of French dental tourism concerns European destinations.

European hygiene standards, common standards and reimbursement of care are obvious reasons. In addition, cultural and geographical proximity also play an important role.

Tourisme dentaire

Dental tourism destinations in Europe correspond to a certain type of profile or a certain type of treatment. To choose his destination, the candidate for care will be keen to compare and document his choice, in order to make the best possible decision.

There are generally 2 categories of countries that include the TOP 3 dental tourism destinations in Europe:

Undisputed leader in basal implants: Bulgaria

For a long time, Bulgaria has been the main dental tourism destination in Europe for basal implantation.

Europeans flock there especially for important dental treatments such as a complete reconstruction of the jaws in basal implants. These patients are often difficult cases, where the bone is missing, so only a surgeon with years of expertise is able to take care of this type of patient. The positives are that there is no bone grafting and loading is immediate. Candidates for dental care in Bulgaria are looking above all for competence and the best price-performance ratio for the basal technique.

In addition, social security reimbursements are available. The treatments carried out concern dental surgery and implants, but also dental prostheses and crowns.

Patients receive their dental care as a priority in Sofia, a modern and recognized dental capital.

Classic dental implant: Hungary and Bulgaria

Since the 2000s for Hungary and 2008 for Bulgaria, these two countries have become the leading destinations for dental tourism, welcoming over the past 10 years more than 600,000 foreign patients for their dental care from all over Western Europe. .

The main reasons that motivate these patients to travel for treatment are:

  • The skills of the surgeons, their experience and expertise
  • The quality of care is considered excellent and at least identical to your country.
  • The dentists are educated in the best European universities and their clinics have modern equipment.
  • Affordable rates and savings
  • Very short waiting times
  • The quality of support

Other dental tourism destinations

In total, 95% of the expenses tracked by the CNSE are made in a country of the European Union.

Outside Europe, we do not have reliable data, since dental care is not reimbursed (Turkey for example)

Destinations like Tunisia or Morocco welcome dental tourists, but distance can be an obstacle. Turkey is also a popular destination (mainly with Arab countries), but the norms and standards differ widely from what can be seen in Europe. Although popular, dental tourism in Turkey in particular is subject to criticism.

Which destination to choose for dental tourism?

French patients primarily prefer Europe. This choice not only concerns the quality and homogeneity of European standards, but also makes it possible to benefit from the reimbursement of dental care.

The distance between the countries and the ease of access as well as the quality-price ratio are determining factors in the choice to carry out dental treatment abroad.

Tips for successful dental tourism

Each destination has specificities in terms of dental tourism. And every dental candidate has different needs and expectations. It is therefore advisable to be well informed before making your choice, not only about the country where the treatment takes place, but also about the dental clinic where the procedures are performed.

This is why we recommend going through a French dental tourism agency such as Sourire Dentaire in order to best advise you on your needs and offer you tailor-made care and therefore, the best treatment for you and in the best possible way. clinical.

We can distinguish 2 categories of treatments, which can be a very important selection criterion:

Basal implant: Bulgaria in first place. Difficult case – no bone graft – immediate loading therefore 1 stage.
Classic implant: Hungary and Bulgaria. All on 4 – All on 6 – bone graft – 2-3 step treatment time


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