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cad cam

Dental CAD CAM technology​

Dental CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology is the most innovative technique available today for the manufacture of fixed prostheses. A very important digital advance in the field of dental surgery. Indeed, thanks to this digital technology, the patient’s mouth is scanned and the prostheses are designed and manufactured using computer-assisted machining. This gives us great precision in the diagnosis and preparation of dental treatment, and allows us to simulate the surgery in 3D before starting it.

Advantages of the CAD CAM system

– High surgical precision
– Reduced gum inflammation
– It allows us to have the future crowns on implants ready even before the intervention
– Reduction in the number and duration of surgeries

3 major phases for CAD CAM technology

1. Digitization (scan) of the tooth or dental implant in the 3D model
2. The computer design of the aesthetic prosthesis using 3D software (which allows the axes to be calculated)
3. Robotic milling in a few hours, or fabrication of the prosthesis, based on information from the prosthesis design.

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