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Basal implant price? Sourire Dentaire answers you:

More comfortable and aesthetic than dentures, crowns, or traditional bridges, dental implants can replace one or more missing teeth.

In fact, each year in France, nearly 400,000 implants are placed. Nevertheless, the price of the basal implant can sometimes be prohibitive, especially since reimbursements from Social Security are particularly low.

Implant basal

How is a dental implant placed?

Firstly, the dental implant makes it possible to completely “reconstitute” a missing tooth or a complete jaw. Inserted into the jawbone, it acts as an artificial root and allows the fixing of a crown (false tooth) or to place a complete structure during reconstruction of the jaws.

Since the placement of dental implants can be offered to patients whose one or more teeth have been extracted. The reason is not only aesthetic: the dental implant makes it possible to regain comfortable chewing abilities. First of all, this also prevents the adjacent teeth from compensating by raising themselves, for example.

Is it painful?

Dental implants are placed under local anesthesia. The operation is reliable and painless.

When to get a dental implant? Who to consult?

After a medical examination and the realization of a panoramic X-ray (or even a CT scan of the jaw), the dentist determines whether or not he can place a dental implant.

Then, any dental and gum care is then carried out, as the mouth must be free of any pathology before considering the placement of dental implants. Moreover, the person must have perfect dental hygiene in order to limit the risk of infection and failure of the implant

Can implants replace multiple teeth?

But also, they can respond to a partial or total tooth loss (the entire upper or lower jaw). It does not necessarily mean placing an implant for each missing tooth. For example, two implants can stabilize a mobile denture, says Dr. Gassan. However, the practitioner must offer you all the possible treatments so that you can choose according to your motivations… and your budget. To conclude, the major limitation to the placement of implants is the financial problem

The pros and cons of dental implants

In addition, dental implants are often unanimous among people who wear them. First of all, they are a permanent solution, which means you won’t have to change them regularly. They are fixed “for life” and do not require special maintenance. No need to remove them regularly.

Another significant advantage, they look like natural teeth, and are therefore not bothersome from an aesthetic point of view.

If the note is salty at the time, dental implants are actually less expensive in the long term since they require no maintenance and do not have to be changed.

Last advantage, installation problems are rare and easily solved. The “success” rates are 98%, and solutions are quickly found in the event of failure.

Conversely, the main disadvantage is above all the initial financial investment.

Basal implant price

Price of a dental implant is often very high. It is also the most expensive and least reimbursed dental care procedure.

Because is determined by several factors:

The brand of the implant
The chosen material
The procedure used
The experience and reputation of the surgeon
The level of service of the dental clinic
The location of the clinic

Generally, it is estimated that the average prices charged in France are around €2,000 for the placement of a complete implant (implant + abutment + ceramic crown).

As consequence, imagine the need to place two implants (3500 € to 7000 €), or even implants for a complete dentition (30,000 € to 60,000 €). The bill can indeed mount very quickly.

By the way, for lack of means, more than 1 in 5 patients give up seeking treatment in France when the placement of several dental implants is to be considered. To carry out their care, more and more patients are crossing the borders of France, because the price of a dental implant is relatively cheaper compared to France.

Basal implant price in Bulgaria

In Europe, the preferred destinations are Bulgaria for the quality of care provided and the significant savings that can be made. You can reduce your dental bill by 2 or even 3 times.

Only 1h30 flight from Paris, in Sofia in Bulgaria, for a few years already, the European capital of dental tourism. Thousands of French people travel to Bulgaria every year for dental care, looking for better quality care, shorter waiting times or the same procedure at a more affordable price.

Due to the lower cost of living such as lower salary costs, lower social charges and cheaper rents, dental implant prices in Bulgaria are on average 60% cheaper than in France. The price of a dental implant in Bulgaria, in Sofia for example, amounts to 500€, against 2000€ on average in France.

For example, Sourire-Dentaire has selected for you the best high-end dental clinics in Bulgaria and on the basis of strict specifications in order to offer you the best quality of care at affordable prices.

In conclusion, our partner dentists:

are specialized and experienced in implantology (20 years minimum of experience and more than 20,000 implants placed),
use world famous and recognized brands of dental implants (Biotech, Straumann, Ihde dental),
are graduates of major European and American universities, and our medical teams are multilingual.

What reimbursement for a dental implant?

Social Security does not reimburse dental implants. However, some mutuals/private insurance offer partial reimbursement on the basis of a package.

For this intervention, only the dental crown is covered by Social Security, up to €75.25. Without a good dental mutual, the rest to be borne by the patient remains very high.

To reduce your remaining charge, request a quote by clicking here. You will be contacted by a Sourire-dentaire advisor who will accompany you to find out more about the guarantees/prices.